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Sky-Rocket Records

Sky-Rocket Records is an established non-investment label. If you are a band or artist ready to put out an album, we can help you avoid the pitfalls most artists make.  If you are serious about your music, you will need barcode, product and ISRC codes, full PPL submission, distribution, as well as advice relating to everything regarding your release. We can help - read on.



And Answers

Do I need a Label?

If you’re just releasing a CD to sell at gigs and give to friends, then no – you don’t. But if you would like to make it a little more professional, then yes, you will. A distributor for example, will not distribute your album without a label and all the associated product numbers and ISRC codes.

Can’t I just form my own Label?

Again – yes you can. And many do. But the question you need to ask yourself, or any label you’re considering, is do you (or they) know what they’re doing when it comes to PPL royalties, bar codes and product codes? Because these need to be in order before your release is ready to go on the market.

Do I need a Distributor?

If you are planning to release any physical product, such as CDs, Vinyls or DVDs, you will need a distributor in order to sell your albums via Amazon and other sales outlets. Most decent distributors will only deal with labels which have a regular number of releases and a good sales record. We can help with that.

What are PPL Royalties?

Whereas PRS royalties are for writers and composers (see our Publishing section), PPL royalties are for the actual musicians and performers on a recording.

When are PPL Royalties paid?

PPL royalties are paid for public media performances of your music, such as main-stream radio play or TV. Digital stations unfortunately are not included. This means you will only receive payments from PPL if something pretty major happens with your music.

Can I register my album with PPL myself?

Only a label registered with PPL can register an album release.

So is it worth it?

We feel it’s always worth it if the recordings are good enough. The point is, if you do find yourself getting some success, you won’t get anything if it’s not registered.

So why use Sky-Rocket?

Anyone can form a Record Label, but very few actually know anything about royalties and the professional administration required to conform to expected standards. In fact, many have contacted us over the last few years for advice!
Sky-Rocket is a PPL registered label with experience at registering tracks and albums correctly and successfully.
We are a non-investment label which will give you a recognised name as part of your product, making sure to give you the right ISRC and product codes as well as a barcode for your release. We can link you to a distributor and make sure the correct metadata is supplied, as well as general advice on pricing, digital releases and more.

What is a non-investment label?

Traditional record deals give the signed artist a small advance if you’re lucky, and take a very large cut of any album sales and artist income. Typically this is around 90% these days. In return they invest in the band to a greater or lesser degree, depending on contract. These deals are extremely hard to come by these days as music has become increasingly devaluated.
A non-investment label, such as ourselves, does not take any cut in the band’s income. We act as a service, making sure that the administration which can be difficult and confusing for artists is done correctly. So all income from CD or download sales remains with the artist.

Is there a fee?

Yes. We charge £150 per album. But remember – we do not take any cut from sales. For the fee you will receive a barcode, product and ISRC codes, full PPL submission, distribution, as well as advice relating to everything regarding your release.

How do I apply?

If you wish to apply or have any further queries regarding this service don’t hesitate to contact us on

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