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Submit your music to the Sky-Rocket Music Library

Why include your music?

This Sky-Rocket Music Library enables the TV & film industry, advertising agencies, computer game developers, home video makers and not-for-profit organisations to buy your songs.

What is the deal?

  • Any song appearing on the site will be published by Sky-Rocket.

  • There are no upfront fees.

  • Sky-Rocket will charge 25% of any PRS royalties and 25% for any online sales or negotiated synchronisation deals.

  • For negotiated sales Sky-Rocket will always consult the artist before making a deal.

  • The artist retains all rights over their music.

  • The artist is free to play the songs elsewhere and release them in any way they choose, though Sky-Rocket will have the publishing rights.

  • The artist is free to leave the publishing agreement and withdraw their material from the site, giving 14 days notice, with the exception of any song(s) which have been part of a major commercial deal.

  • For live performers other songs can be added to the publishing roster if the artist wishes Sky-Rocket to collect their live performance royalties.

  • If you don't earn, Sky-Rocket doesn't earn.

What music can I submit?

You can submit any original material you have written or composed, either by yourself or in conjunction with co-writers. Any co-writers would have to be in agreement of this deal and written consent and contact details are required. No covers or unlicensed samples can be included.

What if I already have a Publishing deal?

If you are already signed to another Publisher you cannot be included in this library. If, on the other hand, you are a PRS member and are self-published, you can.

How do I join?

  • Songs/music submitted must be original and good quality, submitted by the writer and not in any current publishing deal.

  • All music is vetted and has to be approved by Sky-Rocket in order to be included.


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