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Sky-Rocket Recordings

If you are a composer, lyricist, or both, and your music has been, or is about to be, released in some form, make sure to claim your royalties! Here's how:

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Who is entitled to royalties?

If you are playing a lot of gigs where the set largely consists of your own material, you are entitled to PRS royalties. Every venue pays the PRS an annual fee in the form of a music license which is where this money comes from and should, in theory, be distributed amongst those whose compositions are performed there. BUT you will only receive it if you claim for it. Radio play also generates royalties though not all radio stations are registered.

How can you claim your royalties?

This is something you can do yourself! You can claim your royalties by becoming a PRS member which is free - note this is for the actual song-writers and composers only, not musicians who don't write the songs. Once you're a member you can then go online, register your songs, and fill out performance claims forms for each gig you play.

So why use a Publisher?

Claiming for royalties, especially gigs, involves a large amount of administration. If this is something you hate doing, we can do it for you. We always recommend that you do it yourself, but if you just never seem to get round to it, then it's still better to get something rather than nothing. Which is where we come in.

So what’s involved?

Sky-Rocket Recordings is a registered Publisher with PRS. There are no fees to engage us to collect your royalties, but we would need to be your Publisher in order to collect them. We charge 25% of any royalties which are paid under your name for all the tracks you register with us. Initially you would need to tell us of all the songs you play live so that we can register them, and then simply send us a set list, the date and venue address whenever you play a gig and we'll do the rest. This is only worth doing if you play at least 10 gigs a year

What information do you need?

We will send you a form to fill in with all the information we need to accurately claim for your royalties. This includes writer & composer details, PRS numbers (if you are a member) and how much each writer has contributed to each song. After that we do everything for you.

How do I apply?

If you would like to apply, please send us an email headed 'GIG ROYALTIES' and we'll mail you the form.

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